Jordan Carter x Seaport

Seaport has collaborated with local black artist Jordan Carter to create merchandise for a cause. Seaport will be launching a limited time, online-only custom piece of apparel, titled ‘Transient Joy’, designed by Carter to support The Loveland Foundation, an organization committed to support communities of color in unique and powerful ways, with a particular focus on Black women and girls.

About Jordan Carter

Jordan Carter is a visual creative from Boston, Massachusetts. With his preferred method of creation being illustration, Carter works to provide visual experiences through his reflections of the world we find ourselves in. Between mediums he creates his own world of bright blue colored people too abstract floating figures; his work fluctuates between digital and traditional mediums. A curator of culture, his unique outlook on fashion and music reflect greatly in his works, often serving as inspiration. Carter is a passionate and proud artist that puts a piece of himself in any work he takes part in.

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