Hip Hop Architecture


Boston Seaport is home to The Hip Hop Architecture Camp for 2023. Taking place during school vacation (February 20th - February 25th) at District Hall. 

Students get to explore the intersection of hip hop culture and architecture through hands-on modeling making, 3D modeling, and making their own music video! 

This year participants will create their own design concepts for music video sets, while exploring materials, textures, and lighting.

The Boston camp is brought to you by WS Development and Bergmeyer. All profits from the purchase of this hoodie will benefit Hip Hop Architecture.

About Hip Hop Architecture Camp

The Hip Hop Architecture Camp® is a revolutionary program founded in 2016 by Michael Ford, the esteemed licensed architect and cultural trailblazer known as The Hip Hop Architect. This week-long intensive experience is specifically designed to empower underrepresented youth to explore and excel in the fields of architecture, urban planning, and creative placemaking through the lens of hip hop culture. Our program is based on the "4C's" - Creativity, Collaboration, Communication, and Critical Thinking - and brings together students with top industry professionals, including architects, urban planners, designers, community activists, and hip hop artists. Together, they work to envision and create innovative designs for their own communities, using a range of mediums including physical models, digital models, and even their own original Hip Hop Architecture track and music video. Join us at The Hip Hop Architecture Camp® and discover the power of design to shape and uplift your community.

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